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To get the longest lifespan and best surface quality, we offer a range of pitch monitoring service options.

Pitch monitoring

Pitch monitoring


Pitch monitoring service is offered with every new GrassMaster and PlayMaster installation and is adapted according to the needs of each pitch 

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Consultancy services


Our in house team of pitch consultants & agronomists can assist you with everything from turf grass disease identifications & irrigation requirments to pitch performance testing & particle size analysis



Get in touch for all aspects of pitch consultancy



Research & Development, all the time

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As good as GrassMaster Solutions' systems are, the company is always striving for the next level; that’s why the R&D has been ongoing since 1989, when the first hybrid grass system was invented, which has a patented installation method.

Proprietary fibre technology

The yarns used in all types of GrassMaster pitches are in-house developed and manufactured specifically for hybrid grass application.

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Stitching technology

The first stitching machine used was specially designed and has evolved through several models:

  • GEN 3 machine has fewer hydraulic movements, reduces cycle time 25%, and delivers more accurate yarn cutting and clamping
  • GEN 4 is fully electric, even faster on processing speed, and uses a laser for machine alignment.
  • GrassMaster Solutions' sod press technology allows to stitch on newly installed sods (patent pending).