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Grassmaster - By Tarkett Sports

Champions by nature

Grassmaster sample



GrassMaster is a 100% natural grass pitch which is reinforced by 20 million polypropylene (PP) fibres. The PP fibres are injected by computer-controlled machines, 18 deep and 2 cm above the surface, in a grid of +/- 2 x 2 cm. The ingenuity of this pioneering system is to be found both below and above the surface: the natural grass roots entwine with the fibres and grow deeper and wider, building a stronger and healthier rootzone. The PP fibres above the surface ensure an always even and stable surface. GrassMaster can be installed before seeding, after seeding or on grass sods.



Master in multifunctionality

The multifunctional potential of a sports arena has become a must-have for stadium managers, club owners, ground managers, etc.: the venue must be able to host football, rugby and NFL games, tournaments, events, concerts, training sessions and more. GrassMaster surfaces guarantee optimal playing characteristics during intense and heavy use, all year long.



Industry-leading system

GrassMaster is the proven system for top-level tournaments, multifunctional sports pitches, busy stadium calendars and state-of-the-art training facilities. The playing quality is the preferred choice of sports and event industry stakeholders around the world.



Features of the stitched hybrid technology

  • pioneer since 1989
  • proven long-term performance and durability
  • in-house patented technology
  • increased lifespan up to 15 years
  • industry-leading hybrid grass solution
  • multiple award-winning system
  • vertical uniform reinforcement
Playmaster - By Tarkett Sports

Lay it, play it

Playmaster sample



PlayMaster is a carpet-based hybrid grass system that can be installed on site as well as grown in sods. It is developed especially to meet the need for a quick installation and an instant operational availability. The combination of natural and artificial grass creates a firm natural grass surface. The synthetic filaments are fixed in a special backing fabric that grants perfect root penetration, as well as oxygen supply and drainage.




In general, the hybrid grass sods are grown at specialist turf farms. Afterwards, the ready-to-play turf rolls are installed at the venue. In this case, PlayMaster is instantly playable. Besides that, the system can also be sown directly on the pitch. With this type of installation, PlayMaster can be played after the growth of the natural grass.



Features of the carpet-based hybrid technology

  • new lay & play hybrid grass segment
  • excellent pitch usage flexibility
  • in-house produced R&D and premium quality yarns
  • fast installation
  • ideal solution for multifunctional facilities
  • instant operational availability
  • horizontal uniform reinforcement

Generalities of our all-season hybrid systems

Pitch performance

  • playing quality of natural grass
  • excellent stability
  • safe surface
  • increased playing hours
Multi venues
Training grounds
Rugby Rugby
Soccer Football
Football American football

Pitch management

  • easy to maintain
  • fast recovery
  • no divots or mud pools
  • possible to restyle or renovate existing system

Hybrid grass in numbers

years of experience in hybrid grass
hybrid grass pitches worldwide
million m² of hybrid pitches installed
English Premier League clubs play & train on GrassMaster


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Company profile

With GrassMaster and PlayMaster, Tarkett Sports continues to lead the sports grass industry offering both stitched and carpet-based hybrid grass technologies. With PlayMaster, Tarkett Sports is dedicated to upholding the same high standards of quality performance for stadiums and training grounds today as it has been for years with GrassMaster. Tarkett Sports is part of the Tarkett Group, a worldwide leader of innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions. Tarkett has one of the broadest global reaches of any flooring company in the world.