PlayMaster is a carpet-based hybrid grass technology that offers fast installation, instant playability and the same natural grass feel as GrassMaster. The spray-coated backing guarantees the best agronomic conditions for natural grass, whether the existing subbase is restyled or replaced with new sods.

GrassMaster Solutions only uses sods grown at specialist grass nurseries, carefully selected as partners for their reliably high quality. Players appreciate the level surface, free of divots and mud puddles; owners benefit from an excellent ROI based on a lower investment threshold.

Transform your pitch almost instantly into a robust, top-level sports and event field, and reap the rewards of optimal utilisation of multifunctional venues.


Estadio Azteca is continuously innovating and will change its grass field into a new hybrid system being the first stadium in Mexico using this technology. This carpet-based hybrid grass technology offers fast installation, instant playability and feels like natural grass.

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PlayMaster development 

PlayMaster was perfected by GrassMaster Solutions' pioneering R&D team in 2016, answering the need for a lay & play pitch that could also stand up to the demands of multifunctional venues with busy schedules.

PlayMaster features 
  • a carpet-based technology that gives horizontal reinforcement to the natural grass of a pitch
  • patented spray coating process onto the backing leaves ample room for drainage and oxygenation, and promotes optimal root penetration
  • in-house produced synthetic fibres reinforce the subbase, providing optimal resilience and resistance
  • fibres are made of inert material and do not adversely affect natural grass
  • fibres protrude 2.5 cm above the surface
  • system provides superior tuft lock, preventing fibre release under harsh conditions, such as during renovations
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PlayMaster has two types of installation: the hybrid grass sods can be grown and harvested at carefully selected specialist turf farms before being installed on site, or the matting can be directly installed and grown on site (at stadiums, training grounds,...).

GrassMaster Solutions in numbers

years of experience in hybrid grass
Hybrid grass pitches worldwide
million m² of hybrid pitches installed
UK Premier League clubs play & train on GrassMaster Solutions



PlayMaster delivers solutions and benefits to all pitch stakeholders including the natural grass itself.

An effective, practical solution 
  • fast installation
  • immediate playability
  • easy compatibility with different subbases
  • fast recovery, thanks to reinforced surface
  • easy change of damaged areas
  • guarantees best agronomic conditions for natural grass
  • proven not to cause phytotoxicity for natural grass
  • promotes perfect root development
  • non-absorbent materials promote optimal drainage
  • durable materials require less after-use maintenance
  • renovate or restyle existing pitches in a few days, using the existing subbase
  • sods harvested from nursery/turf farm can be installed at any time of year
A wise business choice 
  • lower investment threshold
  • maximum pitch usage allows additional income generation
  • high ROI
  • extreme flexibility for multifunctional venues
  • fast recovery, thanks to a perfectly stable surface
  • sustainable investment; avoids continuous re-turfing
  • great economic flexibility: move and reuse system on another sports surface
  • best warranties on the market
Happy players, happy fans 
  • highly stable surface enables safe and optimal playing performance
  • weather-proof, level, uniform and attractive playing pitch
  • change easily between different sports & events
  • supports intensive sports and a super-charged event program
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PlayMaster by Tarkett Sports lends itself to two types of installation, both achieved more quickly than with other reinforced natural grass systems.

Ready-to-play sods

PlayMaster has the premium characteristic of offering an instant, quality solution for reinforced pitch management, not only for new construction but also for emergency situations, when the pitch has to be available within a short period of time. This next generation hybrid surface grants optimal stability and a consistently high quality surface in all weather conditions.

PlayMaster hybrid grass sods are grown at specialist turf farms and then transported to the site in refrigerated trucks, to alleviate stress to the plants resulting from extreme heat build-up. The sods are then installed on a carefully prepared laying base.

Because PlayMaster sod is rolled for transport and installation, it is recommended to remove any organic material with a light hand brush and rotary mow, or to blow the surface mechanically, to remove loose matter.

With ready-to-play sod installation, your PlayMaster pitch is instantly playable.

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On-site grass cultivation

PlayMaster can also be sewn directly onto a prepared laying base; final levels and a consolidated rootzone are very important before laying the artificial fabric.

A special laying frame is used to lay out the first roll completely. The fabric is fully integrated into the rootzone to stabilize the product during installation. The lines of sod are sewn together one at a time until the pitch is covered. The next steps are meticulous infilling, then raking and spreading for optimal system stability. Next, the pitch is seeded with your choice of grasses. Nature – with help from the groundsmen – takes its course to let the plant grow to a suitable stage for playing.

On-site cultivation provides the most economical installation because it avoids the costs of ready-to-play sods and their transport. The pitch is playable after sufficient natural grass growth, usually between 30-100 days.

Multiple sites

The PlayMaster system can also be moved and reused at another stadium or training ground, depending on various parameters.

As a department we were challenged to provide an elite level playing surface within a very short time frame. After careful research and visiting the turf farm, I decided that PlayMaster was the best choice for OH Leuven.

John Ledwidge, Grounds Manager Leicester City Football Club



Maintaining the quality of your pitch is key to maintaining your reputation with players and sponsors. Once you have a reinforced natural grass pitch installed, managing it is similar to maintaining a fully natural grass pitch, with some crucial improvements. Of course, how your pitch is used will affect management practices, because every sport and activity cause a different kind of wear.

Maintenance programmes will also vary depending on the venue, such as enclosed sports stadiums and open training grounds. Many factors determine the maintenance management programme that the grounds manager will follow, including:

  • natural light availability
  • air movement
  • local climatic conditions
  • site specific microclimate
  • frequency and type of use 
PlayMaster pitch maintenance includes regular
  • mowing: cutting the grass according to the parameters
  • aeration: de-compaction and creating air/pore space in the profile
  • scarifying and raking: various forms of machine processes to remove unwanted materials
  • irrigation: water requirements are similar to a GrassMaster pitch built with a USGA sand subbase profile and depend on the subbase structure onto which the PlayMaster is installed
  • plant nutrition: applying granular and liquid fertilizers enables the primary nutrients to nourish the plant
  • disease and pest control: adhere to PSM (Plant Stress Management) for “integrated plant protection”, observing the necessary Health and Safety acts protection and observing local, legal legislation and Health and Safety acts
  • renovation: annual removal of all organic material
  • machine maintenance: to increase machine lifespan, decrease downtime, and protect the pitch surface
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PlayMaster management benefits
  • strongly anchored, even pitch requires less or no filling (sand), rolling and dragging
  • less damage from play, so fewer repairs are required
  • faster recovery than natural grass
  • excellent drainage enables sprinkling closer to match time, shortening downtime needed between uses
  • for a softer field, PlayMaster can be aerated more deeply, to suit your specific needs

The outstanding feature of the PlayMaster hybrid technology is that even with a percentage of temporary grass loss, play can continue on a pitch that is still level, uniform and attractive.

Pitch monitoring

Every PlayMaster installation includes the Pitch Monitoring package, an integral part of our service, to make sure that you have the knowledge required to get the best performance from your new hybrid grass pitch. Generally, the Pitch Monitoring package includes up to eight days of on-site follow-up, training and advice for the groundsteam by a GrassMaster Solutions pitch consultant, from installation through the following twelve months.

The master in flexibility

world-class stadiums
professional training pitches
diverging sports and entertainment events

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Hybrid vs. natural grass

Compare PlayMaster to GrassMaster to natural grass and find out a solution that fits your needs.

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Grassmaster Solutions timeline

Find out how GrassMaster Solutions got started back in 1989 and learn about its evolution in the sports grass industry.

Henk van Raan talking about PlayMaster