GrassMaster is the perfected hybrid grass system for top-level tournaments, multifunctional sports pitches, venues with a busy schedule and state-of-the-art training facilities. 20 million in-house produced High Performance Fibres (HPF) deliver a reinforced natural grass playing surface that is proven to last for up to 15 years or more.

Athletes prefer a GrassMaster pitch for its firm and stable playing surface; groundsmen, venue managers and club owners know it offers the best return on investment. Everyone appreciates that it plays, looks and feels like natural grass.

GrassMaster is the first choice of sports and multifunction stadium stakeholders around the world, including NFL clubs, Premier League and stadiums hosting the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup and UEFA European Championships.

Growing strong since 1989, GrassMaster is the pioneering force in hybrid grass systems.

installation after seeding




A GrassMaster pitch is composed of 100% natural grass reinforced with unique synthetic fibres, meticulously installed on the subbase.

  • high performance polypropylene monofilament fibres (HPF), produced in-house by a patented method
  • fibres are injected 18 cm deep, in a grid of approximately 2 cm x 2 cm to provide vertical reinforcement throughout the pitch
  • fibres protrude 1,5-2 cm above the root zone surface
  • 20 million HPF fibres reinforce every single GrassMaster pitch

GrassMaster HPF fibres perform three primary functions on the pitch:

  • give stability to a predominately sand-based structure by reinforcing the profile
  • provide an anchor around which the grass roots can entwine
  • maintain the stability, uniformity and even level of the playing surface


GrassMaster Solutions in numbers

years of experience in hybrid grass
hybrid grass pitches worldwide
million m² of hybrid pitches installed
UK Premier League clubs play & train on GrassMaster Solutions



A GrassMaster pitch is the favourite playing surface of athletes, groundsmen and owners around the world, for both qualitative and quantitative reasons.

Product and service expertise
  • based on pioneering research since 1989
  • vast experience installing and monitoring pitches all over the world
  • patented technology guarantees the latest generation of the original stitched hybrid grass system
Optimized performance characteristics
  • playing characteristics of 100% natural grass
  • no divots, no isolated wet spots
  • always a stable, smooth pitch, even with a percentage of temporary grass loss
  • surface adapts to different sports with adjustable hardness, traction and ball bounce
  • efficient swapping between sports and events
Healthier grass sward
  • roots penetrate more deeply by intertwining with the fibres
  • fibres protect the growing point of the natural grass plant
  • reduced surface damage retains grass cover and root system integrity
  • vertically placed fibres and sandy base enable optimal drainage
All-season system
  • proven track record in all climates and weather conditions
  • up to 1000 playing hours / season
  • 3 x more playing capacity in comparison with a 100% natural grass field
  • drainage capacity up to 8 x higher than other natural grass systems

Excellent investment
  • proven lifespan up to 15 years ensures legacy
  • extra pitch capacity generates additional income
  • transitions easily for multifunctional use such as concerts, due to its load bearing capacity
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Following some stability issues in one of our natural pitches I chose to inject a vertical fibre system, with this in mind we quickly negotiated a deal with Tarkett to install a GrassMaster system, given their growing presence in La Liga it was the obvious choice, works were executed quickly and the end result is a very stable quality surface.

Paul Burgess, Director of Grounds and Environment Real Madrid CF

GrassMaster offers a softer feel than a traditional artificial surface, as well as a lower incidence of injuries related to burns and impact, whilst maintaining the longevity.

Andy jackson, Head Groundsman Stoke City FC


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