Our grass, your questions.

What is the lifespan of a GrassMaster and/or a PlayMaster pitch?

GrassMaster has proven a lifespan of 15 years and more while PlayMaster is a high quality shorter term solution offering similar characteristics to GrassMaster on a more flexible basis.

What are the differences between GrassMaster and PlayMaster?

You can compare both systems to natural grass on our compare tool.

Do you notice the synthetic fibres?

No. The fibres only cover 8-10 % of the surface so are not noticable. They don't cause issues with friction burns since the natural grass covers them. In addition, players can trust that their footing will be sound, so they are unlikely to slip. We can conclude that if there were no fibres present, the players would notice their absence.

Which customers have opted for GrassMaster and/or PlayMaster?

15 clubs taking part in the 2017-2018 English Premier League play and/or train on GrassMaster. Clubs and stadiums worldwide have opted for GrassMaster and PlayMaster, check out our reference list for more information.

What are the different methods of installation for a PlayMaster pitch?

PlayMaster is a carpet-based hybrid grass system that can be installed on site as well as grown in sods.

In on-site installations, the artificial backing is installed on the playing surface before the grass is seeded. The roots of the grass entwine with the carpet and create a firm, natural grass surface. With this type of installation, PlayMaster can be played after the natural grass has grown sufficiently.

The PlayMaster sods can also be grown in nurseries. The ready-to-play grass rolls are then installed at the venue. In this case, PlayMaster is instantly playable.

What is the cost of a GrassMaster and/or PlayMaster system?

The cost depends on various factors, such as the design, region and parameters. Please use our contact form to get in touch with the GrassMaster Solutions sales representatives.