The Azteca's stadium in Mexico City with a capacity of 85.000 people, is one the most iconic stadiums of the world. It was built to host the Olympic games of 1968 and to accommodate Club América as well as the Mexican National Football Team. Many games were played in this ‘Estadio Azteca’ such as the famous game of the century between Italy and West Germany during the 1970 FIFA World Cup which was won by Italy with 4-3. Starting next season, the Mexican City football club Cruz Azul will be playing their home games in the Azteca stadium. On top of this, one NFL game will be played on this field in November this year: the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Los Angeles Rams. Because of the high demands of the field regarding playing hours, flexibility and quality, the owner of the stadium, the telecommunications company Grupo Televisa choose PlayMaster from Tarkett Sports. This carpet-based hybrid grass technology offers fast installation, instant playability and feels like natural grass.

New professional grass field

Estadio Azteca is continuously innovating and will change its grass field into a new hybrid system being the first stadium in Mexico using this technology. PlayMaster is a carpet-based hybrid technology that gives horizontal reinforcement to the natural grass and that ensures an instant playability. This lay & play field can stand up to the demands of multifunctional venues with busy schedules and provides the stadium a weather-proof, level, uniform and attractive playing field. On August 10, the field needs be ready for its first game of the new season. At this moment, the GrassMaster Solutions team has already started the preparations. At the specialist turf farm, the PlayMaster hybrid grass sods are now growing. In July when the grass reaches the perfect height and density, the PlayMaster rolls will be transported to the stadium where the sods are then installed on a carefully prepared laying base. Thanks to this ready-to-play sod installation, the PlayMaster field is instantly playable.

Top professional clubs

Other top clubs end venues that have already a hybrid field of Tarkett Sports: Wembley Stadium, Juventus FC, Estadio Único de la Plata, Athtletic Club Bilbao, New England Patriots, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, AFC Ajax, Liverpool FC and Corinthians, just to name a few.

Pioneers of hybrid grass since 1989 

GrassMaster Solutions is the hybrid grass division of Tarkett Sports which is part of the Tarkett Group, a worldwide leader of innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions. GrassMaster is a stitched hybrid grass system with a proven lifespan of 15 years and more, while PlayMaster is a carpet-based hybrid technology that ensures an instant playability. Both systems offer a tailor-made solution for the equipment of professional stadiums, training fields and multifunctional venues and for the practice of football, rugby and American football.